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Patricia grew up on the beaches of Southern California and has always been stimulated by beauty and nature, but her most impactful and creative inspiration began when she started to travel the world. She became so inspired by all the designs, art and beauty of different cultures. On one of her very first travels she visited a town with a long tradition of silversmith artisans. She tried her hand at making silver jewelry, learned from her successes and mistakes, and in the process honed her aesthetic style.

Moving to New York started Patricia’s passion for the film and music businesses. Her first job was doing research on the “Jimi Hendrix” documentary for Warner Brothers. She became so inspired by the vision, energy and creativity of the musicians and filmmakers she met she moved back to Los Angeles. This was the beginning of a successful and diverse career as a producer for music videos, commercials, television and various other media, working nationally and internationally.

For Patricia, creativity in all facets of her life and lifestyle has always been imperative. Through all the years of producing, the most important thing for her has always been the producing of her living environment. Creating the right ambiance and mood while being surrounded with beauty, design and color has always been essential to her. So, when she couldn’t find the proper lighting for her home that incorporated all the beauty and color she was passionate for, she started to design and make her own. Her style reflects a wide range of influences, and each lamp has its own personality.

Once her unique and luscious lighting began to be admired by friends, there became a demand for her lamps. While still producing, she started a small lamp company Luscious Lighting®. Being so involved in the Entertainment Business has created the perfect market for her unique, one-of-a-kind lamps. They can be found in the homes of some of the most prominent celebrities and executives of the music, film and corporate world.

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