Brilliant Blue Cloisonné

This is a stunning Antique Asian Cloisonné, Brass table lamp.  The “dome like” brilliant Royal Blue handmade Silk shade is trimmed with a matching layer of handmade trim and is lined with a lighter blue.  The blue on blue creates a moody ambient glow.  The Brass base Urn has two intricate Cloisonné areas with multi-colored floral designs in Blue, Red, Green, Turquoise and White. The natural patina on the etched brass is beautiful, as are the cast dragon handles. This elegant form sits on a Teak Wood base: 

28 1/2” Tall x 16” Deep x 16” Wide:

Finial:  Lapis Lazuli


Healing Properties:

Lapis Lazuli:  Encourage self-awareness, confidence, knowledge, peace and harmony, compassion, morality,




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